Trey Smith: Screen plays will be something that Chiefs offense does a lot of


As long as Andy Reid's been a head coach of the Chiefs, the offense has run a fair amount of screen plays. It's always been a staple of Reid's schemes throughout the years, which made the relative lack of 2021 production in that offense all the more surprising. Speaking to 610's Cody and Gold on Friday, guard Trey Smith talked about how he thinks it's going to continue being an integral part of the team's offensive identity.

"Coach Reid and Coach Heck do a great job of teaching us our landmarks on screens," he said. "So it's really broken down to a science, so it's sort of easy sometimes ... I think it's always going to be a part of the offense, something we do a lot of. Once again, just leaning on the coaches. They're going to know what's best for us, but I definitely think it's going to be implemented this year.

You can listen to Smith's entire interview in the player below: