Bobby Witt Jr. called out following home run for not touching home plate


(610 Sports) – Royals' top prospect Bobby Witt Jr. has been red hot at the plate, belting seven home runs in his last eight games for NW Arkansas. Witt thought he had hit his eighth in eight games on Tuesday until home plate umpire Chris Presley-Murphy ruled Witt did not step on home plate on the second homer, and he was called out after the Frisco RoughRiders appealed the play.

While the camera angle makes it tough to be completely certain, it appears as though Witt Jr. stepped onto home plate. Either way, it seems silly that a player could be called out after hitting a ball out of the park, especially when it's over a player possibly missing a base by such a small margin.

The call not only riled up players and coaches for the NW Arkansas Naturals, Chiefs quarterback and Royals minority shareholder Patrick Mahomes also seemed to be confused by the call.