Has apathy started to set in for Royals fans?


It's been a rough 2022 season in Kansas City, with the Royals heading into Memorial Day Weekend with the worst record in the American League, and one of the three worst records in baseball. Despite the return of Zack Greinke and the debut of Bobby Witt Jr., many around the team have begun to notice a dip in excitement surrounding a team that was expected to show improvements from the 2021 season. Speaking on 610's The Drive, Royals Insider Josh Vernier broke down why he thinks that is.

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"What Royals fans have watched, for the first 40 games this season, has basically just been an additional 40 games from last season," he said. "And last season, at the end, you hoped that you saw a little bit of progress. You got excited about the addition of Bobby Witt Jr., but you were kind of reminded about what was so very unenjoyable about last year. It's kind of being thrown back in your face this season. I think that's why you're getting so much disappointment. Because, sure I think it would have been foolish for anyone to expect or demand this team to make the postseason. Anyone that would have been let down with a 77-win season, I think that was unrealistic. But we shouldn't be here. Again, we shouldn't be at the quarter pole with the Royals being the worst team in the American League. One of the bad teams in the American League? That would be palatable because there's still time and you're seeing these young bats. I've felt the energy from the fans about those young bats. So there would still be a slight reason for optimism if you were just a bad team. But you're the worst team -- one of the worst three teams in baseball. And you're coupled with two teams that never even attempted to try, right? The Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates never even flirted with competing in the offseason and obviously in the regular season. Those are your peers right now, and even the most pessimistic Royals fans never expected that."

You can listen to Vernier's entire interview in the embedded player below: