How the Chiefs' 3-4 start comes down to 'football quicksand'

Arrowhead Pride's Pete Sweeney explained on The Drive.

The Chiefs are getting their first taste of how long weeks in the NFL can feel when you're a losing team. At 3-4, there hasn't been a lack of conversation surrounding the team's shortcomings, and the diagnosis really depends on who you ask. For Arrowhead Pride Editor-in-Chief Pete Sweeney, the Chiefs' poor start comes down to what he calls 'football quicksand.'

"I think there are different reasons in each game, but I think the team keeps falling into what you'd call football quicksand," Sweeney said on 610's The Drive. "If you're going to be a successful football team, you need everything to be clicking, right? If you can win all the phases of the game, you will win the game. You've got to be good on offense, defense, and special teams, the third phase of the game. When one area of the team seems to be finding itself, a little bit, the other side is not there. And when the other side is not there, it feels like the other wheel falls off. And you kind of go back and forth. And I also think, OK, the offense is pressing. There's a good reason for that, because opposing teams are scoring at will on your defense, which doesn't help for the offense."

"I think a major problem for this team is that Patrick Mahomes isn't afforded the ability to be a human being. I think the whole plan was for him to be Superman, or even say continue to be Superman."

You can listen to Sweeney's entire interview in the embedded player below: