Former MLB exec: Royals should question if Salvador Perez's contract is 'worth it anymore'


It's looking more-than-likely that the Royals are going to move a fair amount of their established veteran players at some point this summer. Guys like Andrew Benintendi, Hunter Dozier, Scott Barlow, and Whit Merrifield are all realistically not a part of the team's long-term future vision, and moving them could help Kansas City continue building a strong farm system during a season without real playoff hopes. One veteran that hasn't been in those conversations has been Salvador Perez, who's under contract through 2026 and seems like as good a candidate as any to spend his entire career with the Royals. But while talking with 610's Cody and Gold on Tuesday, former Miami Marlins team president David Samson argued that if the Royals are really going to hit the reset button, they need to take a hard look at Perez's contract.

"If you lose 90 games or 100 games, there's not a big difference, right?" he said. "So then you have to look at your roster. And one of the things I want to mention is how excited and happy everyone was when you signed Perez, and how great it was, he's the face of the franchise and the guy you want on your team. But if you look at their payroll, and you look at the amount of money he's taking up on your payroll, one of the questions Dayton has to ask is, is this worth it anymore? Is this allocation working for us? Do we have enough young players at the minimum who are good enough that we can have Perez making what he's making. And it sounds crazy because you want him to be there forever, but those are the things that Dayton thinks about."

You can listen to Samson's entire interview in the embedded player below: