LISTEN: JJ Picollo outlines Royals' plans for fixing pitching issues


The Royals got a two-week head start on the MLB offseason when they announced earlier in September that they were dismissing former President of Baseball Operations Dayton Moore. Now, with GM JJ Picollo at the helm, the team looks to head into the 2022 offseason at the beginning of a rebuild with a talented young core of position players already in place. Speaking to 610's Cody and Gold on Tuesday, Picollo talked a bit about what the team's plans are for an important offseason in Kansas City.

"I think we've got to bring our performance science department into the mix a little bit more," he said. "That could be in the form of an analyst, that could be in the form of somebody who's an expert in movement. And then you combine that with the expertise of pitching coaches that have great knowledge of deliveries. It may come in the form of an additional staff member in the Major Leagues that can help with deliveries, process, how a body's moving, how a pitch is moving, and then collectively come to decision on what's best for the pitcher. If you look at the makeup of Major League staffs across the game right now, there's 3, 4, 5, guys that are involved in pitching. And all they've done is added institutional knowledge to help give the pitcher the best chance to maximize his abilities. That's what we're focused on right now. And what it may look like. I'm not sure yet – I have a lot of different ideas and I'm trying to figure out what direction we're going to go. I like to call it a workshop – it's a workshop that's going on down in the clubhouse."

You can listen to Picollo's entire interview in the embedded player below:

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today