LISTEN: Brady Singer gives his first impressions of Royals new coaching staff


When the 2022 MLB season ended, the Royals finished as one of the worst pitching teams not only in baseball, but over the last several years. Their lack of production on the mound – especially considering how many top pitching prospects they have – was one of the major reasons why the front office decided to make sweeping changes on the coaching staff for 2023. And while it's only been a few weeks, those changes are already evident. While speaking to 610's Fescoe In The Morning on Tuesday, Royals starter Brady Singer explained how the clubhouse has felt different so far with the new staff in place.

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"Unbelievable, the information that we're getting," he said. "Just on the pitching side, it's really, really good. The information that we have available is extremely helpful as well. We're able to read into it, and the way they're explaining, I feel like we have two or three different people with the same mindset ... All three of these guys, one thing that you notice is that they talk about baseball all day long. They talk about the pitchers and pitching all day long. And they're bringing all of that to us, and they do a really good job of communicating and explaining that to us."

You can listen to Singer's entire interview in the embedded player below:

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