Mike Matheny: Royals are 'better than what we're doing'


It's no secret that the Royals have struggled to hit this year. Though offense is down across all of Major League Baseball, Kansas City's lineup has struggled more than most, currently seated at the bottom of most offensive rankings. On Wednesday, general manager JJ Picollo told 610 Sports that this prolonged offensive struggle wasn't something anyone on the field or in the front office was expecting, and one day later, manager Mike Matheny echoed the same sentiment. In a conversation with 610's Fescoe In The Morning, Matheny dove into what's gone wrong so far.

"First of all, hitting's hard," he said. "You put a day together like we had, and the next day a different style of pitcher comes out and shuts us down. It's hard to get that rhythm going again. A few days of rain happen right when we start feeling like we're seeing a few things happen offensively. You know, excuses -- we could talk about them, but the reality is that we're better than what we're doing and we're having a tough time getting there. You're seeing some steps in the right direction ... It's going to come down to the fact of getting multiple guys hot at the right time."

You can listen to Matheny's entire interview in the player below: