Dayton Moore on Royals' coaching changes: 'We felt that the timing was right'


The Royals made a long-expected move on Monday, shaking up their coaching staff amid a season-long offensive struggle. While the team did a fair bit of re-organization behind the scenes, the news-making move was parting ways with hitting coach Terry Bradshaw. Speaking with 610's Fescoe In The Morning on Tuesday, Royals President of Baseball Ops Dayton Moore explained why the team made the move now, and what's next for the group.

"Yeah, it's never easy as we all know," he said. "Terry's a great friend, and he's done amazing things for this organization. He's a very steady, consistent person. He's very positive and optimistic. He's somebody that I expect to hopefully continue to be a part of organization in the future once things settle and we get through this period.

"When the team offensively continued to struggle, we felt that the timing was right because we wanted to make sure we're moving forward ... Sometimes a new voice, kind of shaking the trees with a move like this, gets people more aware. There's a better sense of urgency of what we need to do. I think the main difference you'll see is a lot of the preparation and game-planning, the things we do prior to each game with our hitters, the individual hitters, to prepare them to attack that night's starting pitcher. That's so much of it. We just felt that it was time to move a little quicker in that direction to make sure our work and preparation was more consistent. We're bringing on more people in that department to get involved with our major league hitters."

You can listen to Moore's entire interview (23:00 mark) in the embedded player below:

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today