JJ Picollo: 'There have been quite a few calls over the last two weeks'


The next several weeks of the Royals' season may be the most important ones all year. As the team looks to work their roster into something a bit more competitive for the 2023 season and beyond, the process of evaluating players and making trades will only heat up before the deadline arrives on August 1st. There are almost a half-dozen players that could conceivably be on the move before then, and while speaking to 610's Cody and Gold on Tuesday, Royals GM JJ Picollo revealed some details about where the team is in that process.

"They've started to heat up," he said. "I wouldn't say it's hot, but teams certainly are starting to have a better understanding of where they are as a team, where their division is going, and what holes they may have to fill. So there have been quite a few calls over the last two weeks, just trying to feel out what we may be looking to do, what's available from our end, and also gives us a chance to know which teams have players that we would be interested in. Examining their farm systems, examining their upper levels, examining their major league players. It gives us a chance to prepare so when the time comes, we know exactly who we want to ask for from a certain team."

You can listen to Picollo's entire interview in the embedded player below: