Royals Insider: Clubhouse needs to 'grow and change'


With the outcome of the 2022 Royals season already looking pretty obvious, much of the conversation has begun switching into offseason and 2023 mode. How similar will the roster be on Opening Day next year? Realistically, how many changes can JJ Picollo and the rest of the Royals' front office make to the current roster core? Speaking to 610's Fescoe In The Morning on Monday, team Insider Josh Vernier explained what he thinks needs to change if Kansas City wants to compete for AL Central titles -- and more-- again.

"As far as a change, and what I would do, what kind of changes I think need to be made, I think it needs to happen at the trade deadline," he said. "You need to overhaul this roster and you need to make difficult decisions. Like Barlow, like Staumont, like Merrifield, like Dozier. And the clubhouse needs to grow, the clubhouse needs to change. We were all hopeful that Mike Matheny would be that change in 2020, but he's just a manager. He's only going to change so much. But when you're given the same toys year in and year out – when it's the same clubhouse it was when you were losing 100 games in 2018, 2019, when you were losing in 2020, it's the same voices in there. A new manager could bring a different spark, but it's still the same talent that we like. We like them personally, but the bottom line of it all is that it's just equating to too many losses. There are no bad ideas when you're 19 games below .500."