Royals Insider: Mike Matheny will 'ultimately need to go' after 2022 season ends


The Royals season is all but over – only six games in Cleveland separate the team from the 2022 offseason. The team's already gotten a head start on the expected overhaul by dismissing former President of Baseball Operations Dayton Moore earlier in the month. Any time there's change at the highest positions in the front office, the job security of the team's manager – even without the sub .500 record that Mike Matheny has – always becomes a hot topic of conversation. While speaking to 610's Cody and Gold recently, Royals Insider Josh Vernier explained why it's all but inevitable that Matheny's time in Kansas City is coming to an end.

"I think it begins with Cal Eldred," he said. "Talking with JJ Picollo, his compliment of Cal Eldred is that he's done a very good job bringing game-planning to the organization. Helping these young starting pitchers game plan each and every night. And then a few days later he's talking about how one of their issues is game-planning way too much ... To me, I look at Cal Eldred first and foremost ... I think Eldred has to go when you bring in whatever the 'new voices' are going to be in the pitching development aspect of this organization. And then thus, Mike Matheny will ultimately need to go as well."

You can listen to the entire interview in the embedded player below:

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today