Royals Insider on pitching woes: 'Maybe the talent isn't there'


The Royals' (sometimes historic) pitching issues have been well-documented by now – they have one of the worst rotations in baseball based on almost any metric you care to dig up on FanGraphs, Baseball Reference, or Baseball Savant. Their struggles have led to many pointing blame towards pitching coach Cal Edlred, who's been in that position with the team since November of 2017. But while speaking to Cody and Gold on Wednesday afternoon, Royals Insider Josh Vernier explained why he's starting to fear that the issues may end up going deeper than that.

"Look, I hope it's because of one person," he said. "I would love that idea that if you just take Cal Edlred's voice out of there, that a Texan, and a Virginian, and a Venezuelan, and a couple guys from the SEC, a guy from Northern California, that all of them just needed that voice out of there and then their career is going to take off. Two lefties and four righties have all been ruined by one voice – I love that idea, but I fear that it's deeper than that. That it's more than just one voice, that maybe the talent isn't there ... None of these pitchers, I think, have the ability to just dominate for a month stretch, or a big September. I'm yet to see even back-to-back starts where I go, OK, all right, there's something there that is going to ultimately end with you serving as a number one starting pitcher."

You can listen to the entire interview (26:00 mark) in the embedded player below: