KSU Head Coach Chris Klieman: 'You've got to embrace' transfer portal


There hasn't been a larger topic of conversation in the College Football world this offseason than the transfer portal. The NCAA's changing landscape has plenty of coaches, media members, and fans loudly debating the merits of NIL rules and how they may or may not be entwined with the transfer portal -- in fact, it's hard to find a major college football coach who hasn't been asked about it in some on-the-record capacity at this point. While much of the general consensus from that group has been negative, Kansas State's head coach Chris Klieman feels differently. Speaking to 610's The Drive on Wednesday, he explained why.

"Well, it's changed everybody's job in college football," he said. "Simply because it's the reality. People are leaving programs, for whatever reason, there are guys coming in and out of programs. Some places there's a lot of them, some places there's a handful. But you have to embrace it. We've lost some kids to the portal, and we've been able to replenish a lot of spots through the portal. I think you have to embrace it and realize it's here to stay. It's not going anywhere, so you better embrace it, you better attack it."

You can listen to the entire interview in the embedded player below: