670 Staff Predictions: Bears-Cowboys

Bears receiver Allen Robinson (12) celebrates after his team's win against the Lions.
Photo credit Matt Marton/USA Today Sports
(670 The Score) The Bears (6-6) host the Cowboys (6-6) at Soldier Field on Thursday evening.
Kickoff is set for 7:20 p.m. and can be heard on air on WBBM Newsradio 780 and 105.9 FM. You can also listen on desktop computers here.
670 The Score will have pregame coverage with Nick Shepkowski, Patrick Mannelly and Olin Kreutz starting at 6 p.m., which you can listen to here.
We've had plenty of Bears-Cowboys preview coverage, all of which you can find here.

Here are our game predictions from our on-air personalities, producers, writers and more. Danny Parkins and Tony Gill are tied for the lead at 9-3, with David Haugh trailing one game back at 8-4. (After deliberation that lasted perhaps two seconds, we ruled to allow Gill to continue making picks despite him recently leaving 670 for a new job. Parkins will have to earn his bragging rights.)

Chris Emma (8-4): Bears 16, Cowboys 13
It’s the Bears’ biggest game until their next one, maybe. Win and they keep the season alive. Lose and they start looking toward 2020. It should be an interesting game between two desperate teams. The Bears will come out on top.
Chris Tannehill (7-5): Cowboys 20, Bears 17

The Bears have been viewed as "in the hunt" as of late. They’re "in the hunt" in the same way that I’m "in the hunt" for a new Bugatti. Or how I’m "in the hunt" to have dinner with Julissa Bermudez. If a few things fall my way, I could wind up with a T206 Honus Wagner card. With Akiem Hicks on the shelf for one more week, the Bears will have no answer for Zeke Elliott and the Cowboys’ balanced attack.

Connor McKnight (7-5): Cowboys 34, Bears 13

This is the Cowboys’ get-right game. Everything is going wrong for Dallas, and it won’t matter.

Dan McNeil (6-6): Cowboys 26, Bears 19

Some of the Cowboys’ biggest strengths are the Bears’ biggest weaknesses. I think Elliott has a huge game. 

Danny Parkins (9-3): Bears 21, Cowboys 13

Believe it or not, there’s more dysfunction with the Cowboys than the Bears.

David Haugh (8-4): Cowboys 23, Bears 17
Herb Lawrence (6-6): Cowboys 23, Bears 10

As I have said in this space previously, when teams are evenly matchup, I look to the quarterback to break the tie. Dak Presecott >>> Mitchell Trubisky.

Jay Zawaski (6-6): Cowboys 21, Bears 10

I have a sinking feeling all the goodwill that the Bears and Trubisky built up recently will be erased Thursday night.

Joe Ostrowski (3-9): Cowboys 24, Bears 16

Here’s the deal: I keep picking the Bears to lose and the beloved keep winning to put off the pain. If you’re into the point spread, the Bears own the NFL’s worst against-the-spread record. 

Julie DiCaro (7-5): Cowboys 21, Bears 17

The Chicago offense looked better last week — but probably isn’t good enough to beat a reeling Dallas team.

Nick Shepkowski (4-8): Bears 16, Cowboys 14

This is based more on the Cowboys’ self-destruction than anything positive about the Bears, but hey, they’ll take it however they can get it at this point. The playoff dream lives on! (Until next week, anyway.)

Rick Camp (7-5): Cowboys 23, Bears 13

The Bears will have issues with an opponent that’s a step up in class in the trenches. Trubisky won’t have the time to diagnose plays that he has enjoyed the last couple weeks, and the silly talk of a Bears playoff run will end at home.

Shane Riordan (6-6): Bears 34, Cowboys 18

Jerry Jones literally looks like a dead man. Not, like figuratively in the sense that he’s got "nothing left" but more so like an actual deceased person. No longer living. Sans breath. And frankly, a dead man leading a football team doesn’t sound particularly ideal. For lots of reason. I don’t know. What do you want from me? I’ve committed to the bit of not using a piece of football reasoning to make these picks all year. I’m out of options, and I’m really not that funny in the first place.

Tony Gill (9-3): Cowboys 20, Bears 17

All false hope must die at some point. Thursday is that day for the Bears.