670 Staff Predictions: Bears-Lions

(670 The Score) The Bears (5-6) visit the Lions (3-7-1) for a Thanksgiving Day matchup at Ford Field on Thursday.
Kickoff is set for 11:30 a.m. CT and can be heard on air on WBBM Newsradio 780 and 105.9 FM. You can also listen on desktop computers here.
670 The Score will have pregame coverage starting at 9 a.m., which you can listen to here.
We've had plenty of Bears-Lions preview coverage, all of which you can find here.

Here are our game predictions from our on-air personalities, producers, writers and more. Tony Gill and Danny Parkins are tied for the lead at 8-3, with three others trailing by one game.

Chris Emma (7-4): Bears 17, Lions 13

Last Thanksgiving in Detroit, the Bears proved they were a resilient team ready for the playoffs. This time around, they’ll prove to be just barely better than a bad team.

Chris Tannehill (6-5): Bears 16, Lions 10

The White Sox signed Yasmani Grandal!

Connor McKnight (6-5): Bears 24, Lions 17

The Bears will win a one-score game. Unless David Blough plays, then it will be Bears 1 billion, Lions 0. And if it doesn’t go that way with Blough in, we’re the whole city to Greenland.

Dan McNeil (5-6): Bears 26, Lions 20

Cordarrelle Patterson resurrects the Thanksgiving Day memory of Dave Williams’ kick return for a touchdown (1980) as overtime begins. 

Danny Parkins (8-3): Bears 20, Lions 17

I suggest eating your pumpkin pie with this game to make it more tolerable.

David Haugh (7-4): Bears 27, Lions 17
Herb Lawrence (5-6): Bears 17, Lions 6

I dislike the Lions the most out of the NFC North teams, so I look forward to seeing them lose. Mostly I like it because I get to see Matthew Stafford sulk on the sidelines afterward. With Stafford out, it brings me less joy, but it’s always great to beat the Lions.

Jay Zawaski (5-6): Bears 20, Lions 3

Some dude named Blough could be playing quarterback for the Lions. I’m not sure if it’s pronounced “blah” or “blow.” Either way, it’s not good. Super Bears, Super Bowl.

Joe Ostrowski (3-8): Lions 17, Bears 16

Two Turkey Day tips: Fade my Bears straight-up pick and continue to ride first-half unders in all Bears games.

Julie DiCaro (7-4): Lions 17, Bears 14

Despite a win against a bad opponent last week, Bears players are hanging up on radio hosts and this team feels like it's in free fall.

Nick Shepkowski (3-8): Bears 34, Lions 20

Walter. Barry. Bears. Thanksgiving.

Rick Camp (6-5): Bears 21, Lions 10

The Lions defense isn’t good, and their quarterback situation is up in the air. Jeff Driskel has a sore hamstring, so if he plays, his athleticism will be limited. And if Driskel doesn’t play, it will be on Blough. If the Bears can’t beat a team quarterbacked by a hobbled Driskel or any version of Blough, to quote Ron Coomer, “Well…”

Shane Riordan (5-6): Bears 34, Lions 17

I was going to make a joke about the quality of water in Detroit the last the Bears and Lions matched up. I decided against it. Something about football players not being able to operate on the water that comes from Detroit. Can't remember. I won't make the joke.

Tony Gill (8-3): Bears 19, Lions 13

I feel like the rest of the group is going with the Bears, I have to tie ensure a tie with Parkins before I leave for my new job.