Cubs' Joe Maddon 'Very Optimistic' About Future

(670 The Score) Cubs manager Joe Maddon is working through the end of his contract and without any assurances for his future.

With the Cubs having lost seven straight games and on the brink of being eliminated from the playoff race, Maddon could be in the final week of his tenure in Chicago. Despite that, Maddon remains hopeful for what's next -- whether that's with the Cubs or elsewhere.

"It's not just a one-sided decision," Maddon said on the Laurence Holmes Show on 670 The Score on Wednesday afternoon. "We'll make that over the next couple days, and we'll move it on from there. But I'm very pragmatic. I'm very optimistic. And so I'll just leave it with that. I'm very optimistic right now.

"I am very optimistic about the future."

Maddon signed a five-year deal with the Cubs in November 2014 that runs through this season. His record in Chicago stands at 469-336, and he has led the Cubs to four playoff appearances, two NL Central titles and the 2016 World Series championship.

After falling 9-2 to the Pirates on Tuesday night in Pittsburgh, the Cubs are currently 82-75 with an elimination number that's down to one. Though this season has been filled with struggles and added pressure, Maddon is hopeful he could remain with the Cubs moving forward.

"Of course," Maddon said. "I mean, that's what I signed up for in the beginning. It's always what the intention was -- to stay for a really long time. Of course that's still a possibility. But going to the entire season, you get to this point of the year and it's really a two-way street. It works on both sides. It's an organizational philosophy, what they're looking for, and it's also a personal philosophy, what am I looking for. It's not unilateral. It's a bilateral discussion and a conclusion to be reached."

Maddon was asked about his relationship with the Cubs' front office.

"Great, awesome, love these guys," Maddon said. "They're awesome. They're the best. Brilliant. Caring. Brilliant is probably the right word."

Chicago finishes its regular season at St. Louis on Sunday. Barring a miracle, the Cubs will miss the playoffs and Maddon's contract will expire soon.

Maddon would like to know soon after the end of the Cubs' season whether the team will be retaining him.

"You can't hurt my feeling by telling me the truth," Maddon said.

Should the Cubs choose to let Maddon go, he would likely be a top candidate available for other positions. The Padres already have a managerial vacancy, and more are sure to open after the season ends Sunday.

The relationship between Maddon and the Cubs fan base remains strong in what could be hist last week with the team. 

"I can feel their passion, I can feel their sincerity, their authenticity, I can feel all of that," Maddon said. "Where I came from and how I was raised, that's part of the relationship here.

"I've been to different cities, but nothing like this. Nothing what we have in Chicago. 

"Cubs fans are the best and will continue to be the best. I'm really grateful to have made this connection."