Nagy On Mayor's Criticism: Everyone Has An Opinion

(670 The Score) Criticism came from many angles for coach Matt Nagy and the Bears after their disappointing 2019 season that started with Super Bowl aspirations ended at 8-8 and with the team watching the playoffs from home.

"I'd like to see Nagy's play-calling being a little less predictable and pedestrian," Lightfoot said recently on a telethon on NBC Sports Chicago. "Running up the gut every time? Yeah, that's not working so well."

So how does Nagy digest criticism from Chicago's top public official?

"Hey, everybody has their own opinions, and for me, it's very, very important that what we do as a organization -- whether that's coaches, whether that's players -- that we do everything we can to focus on 2020," Nagy said on the McNeil & Parkins Show on 670 The Score on Friday afternoon. "And the beautiful part of what's so great about Chicago as a city, the Chicago fans is that people care. And I think that's what you find -- the care is there. They want the best, to be competitive. They want the best team possible to be competitive in these situations. And that's what we worry about. That's what we control. Hey, everybody has different opinions, and we all have our own. And right now for us, we're just focusing on what we can control, and that's 2020 and doing everything we can in those Zoom meetings to make sure that we're putting points up on the board and stopping people on defense." 

Listen to Nagy's full interview below.