Bernstein: 'At The Movies' With Jim Boylen

(670 The Score) So of course Jim Boylen employed an iconic movie line Friday night, after the Bulls' embarrassment of a season continued with a 107-103 loss at the Portland Trail Blazers. That he got the quote wrong should surprise none of us, either.

Boylen was asked about all the losing and insisted that everything was pretty much fine from his perspective. 

"The wins will come," Boylen said.

So Joe Cowley of the Sun Times followed up by asking Boylen why he thinks they will come.

"If you build it, they will come," Boylen answered. "Have you seen that movie, Joe?"

I have not and nor have you, because no movie with that line exists. "Field of Dreams" has the line "If you build it, HE will come," which remains memorable despite how poorly that film has aged. As we learn, it's either the creepy Corn God telling the protagonist how to literally bring back an incarnation of his father (Oh, sorry. Spoiler alert.) or it's part of a more realistic schizophrenic episode being suffered that plays out from his mind's eye to the screen with Ray Liotta not even trying to act anything like Shoeless Joe Jackson.

But the point is that we've stumbled on what's perhaps the best way for Boylen to communicate publicly for however long he's allowed to do so -- by butchering movie quotes in the postgame press conferences.

Reporter: "Jim, why is Ryan Arcidiacono playing seven minutes of every fourth quarter?"
Boylen: "Just when I thought I was going to take him out, I put him back in. Do you like that movie, Sam?"
Reporter: "Why do you keep talking about growth and development when management and ownership have been clear about the goal of competing this season?"
Boylen: "What we've got here is failure to be on the same page with some of that stuff, I guess. That was the movie with the eggs. I like eggs."
Reporter: "Wouldn't it be better to defend screen-roll actions without trapping, because your team has proven unable or unwilling to rotate sufficiently?"
Boylen: "I wish I knew how to quit that. That was different from other cowboy movies."
Reporter: "Why should we expect Lauri Markkanen's decline to reverse itself?"
Boylen: "After all, tomorrow is Tuesday. K.C., did you like that one? It was kinda long. At least it was in color."
Reporter: "How do you reconcile with Zach after pulling him for those ill-advised shots on consecutive possessions but not treating other players the same way?
Boylen: "Coaching means never having to say you're sorry."
Reporter: What were you yelling at the officials when you got the technical in the third?"
Boylen: ''You know how to whistle, don't you Steve, you just put your whistle in your mouth and blow it. I guess that made him mad. Maybe he never saw that one."
Reporter: "Why has the team performed so poorly at the United Center?
Boylen: "There's no place like your home court, so it's an adjustment. The silver guy in that movie had great heart."
Reporter: "Why play so many players significant minutes? What's the plan?"
Boylen: "We're gonna need a bigger bench. How was that film, Cody? They really got that shark to do what they wanted it to do in those scenes, huh? Pretty amazing."
Reporter: "But don't players generally prefer more consistent patterns of usage?"
Boylen: "It's like those chocolates in a box. I don't know what it's going to be. That guy is my all-time favorite."
Dan Bernstein is a co-host of 670 The Score’s Bernstein & McKnight Show in midday. You can follow him on Twitter @Dan_Bernstein.