Bernstein: Bears Fans Should Enjoy The Moment

(670 The Score) I've long believed that the best time to be a fan of a professional sports team is when you know for sure it's getting good and has the chance to challenge for titles.

Nothing supplants the catharsis of that championship itself, certainly, the culmination of so much emotional investment into a single moment of triumph that reverberates into the parties and parades, but living the life of a franchise on the rise and in a competitive phase is hard to beat, and the anticipation of what's to come is an important part of the fun.

That's what should be kept in mind as we emerge from another Bears draft going through the usual motions of picking over the selections and trades in the ways that we do, understanding that it's just one piece of something larger. It became clear as a marking point due to the availability and proximity of so many people instrumental in getting us here and in noticing a consistency with how the Bears' leaders are speaking about it all.  

General manager Ryan Pace told 670 The Score on Monday morning that, "The expectations are high here, and we've got a great vibe in the building." He added that he mentioned the urgency of his work to his wife, noting, "I've only got a couple windows to improve this team." 

The reigning NFL Executive of the Year, Pace has been finding Pro Bowl players in the fourth round and has pushed the button on two blockbuster trades that have resulted in the acquisition of Pro Bowlers at the two most important single positions in the game. It's not about quibbling over mid-round picks now but the trust he has earned overall.

Owner George McCaskey was on 670 The Score on Saturday, and he kept the bar high from the top.