Bears Doomed With 10 Men On Eagles' First TD

LAKE FOREST, Ill. (670 The Score) -- The brief shrug of Bears safety Adrian Amos was a clear acknowledgement something wasn't right. His defense had lined up for a red-zone play with 10 men, and it proved to be costly.

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles found rookie tight end Dallas Goedert on a 10-yard touchdown pass with 5:20 left in the third quarter of his team's eventual 16-15 win over the Bears in the wild-card round Sunday on a play Chicago would like to have back. The Bears defense lined up without a nickel corner in a 10-man formation, something that Amos noticed and Foles exploited.

The Bears were crossed up by what the Eagles presented on offense, shifting their defense before the play but failing to add an 11th defender. Amos realized the mistake, but it was too late.

"You're looking and then the ball is snapped and you just got to try to scramble to make a play," Amos said Monday as the Bears cleaned out their lockers at Halas Hall. "It’s a bang-bang situation. If I look back, I don’t know what I would’ve did differently. Maybe you could say just call timeout, but that’s not our job to do that. 

"It’s just an unfortunate set of circumstances on that entire drive. You have a couple penalties, not enough people, but that’s just one drive in the game. That was the first touchdown. That was early on. And we still had opportunities, plenty of opportunities to win the game."

The score by Goedert and extra-point conversion gave the Eagles a 10-9 lead over the Bears, capping a seven-play, 83-yard drive in which Chicago committed 52 yards of penalties. An unnecessary roughness penalty committed by Amos on a third-and-6 early in the drive prevented the Bears from forcing a three-and-out and instead allowed the Eagles to continue in a crucial sequence.

What was especially frustrating for the Bears is that they were penalized three plays prior for having 12 men on the field. After falling just short of the Eagles, this series will haunt the Bears this offseason.

"Mistakes like that have happened early in the year and it just wasn’t in the playoff game, so it was not a big deal," Amos said. "The majority of times, we won the game. So, if we win that game, we’re not talking about that drive. That drive that was early in the game for the first touchdown.

"It’s just a hard deal. It’s just a hard deal."

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