Burrell: Relationship With Jordan Is 'Great' Now

(670 The Score) The relationships that Michael Jordan held with his Bulls teammates have come to the forefront in "The Last Dance," illustrating a complicated part of his legacy.

In particular, Jordan's harsh treatment of Scott Burrell, a Bulls forward in the 1997-'98 season, was shown in the seventh episode of the documentary, which aired on ESPN on Sunday night. Jordan frequently called out Burrell and questioned his commitment. He even tried to get Burrell into a fight.

Early in the documentary, Jordan said of Burrell, "Mom and dad, he's an alcoholic." 

But time has a way of changing people and relationships, and it has done so with Jordan and Burrell, who have become friends.

"My relationship with Michael is great," Burrell said on the Mully & Haugh Show on Tuesday. "I think it's better now than when we played. Like, people don't understand, for instance, when MJ had to call Phil (Jackson) for Steve Kerr's number, people think we're in high school, like everybody had each others' numbers. 

"People had families. Once you leave that gym, you're with your families or your other friends. Because you're with each other so long on the planes and in practice, you don't really communicate that much besides on the court.

"My relationship with Michael Jordan is great now. I text him a lot, he texts back as soon as I text him. If I go to Florida, I call him and we play golf. It's pretty good. And to be honest, the relationships with all those guys on the team was strong. Everybody was on the same page.

"That's team that had (the most) love for each other that I ever played on in college or the NBA. They competed for each other. For all the tough times that team had through the front office, you could not see it when they stepped on the court."

Listen to Burrell's full interview below.

The final two episodes of The Last Dance will air on ESPN starting at 8 p.m. Sunday.