Cubs Meet With Chicago Muslim Group

(670 The Score) In the wake of racist and Islamophobic emails from Cubs family patriarch Joe Ricketts being released last week, chairman Tom Ricketts, his son, and team vice president of communications Julian Green met with the the Council On American Islamic Relations on Friday.

The meeting between the Cubs and CAIR was held not only as an act of contrition from the Cubs but also to establish an understanding for the pain caused by the Joe Ricketts emails, which included him writing: "I think Islam is a cult and not a religion. Christianity and Judaism are ... based on love whereas Islam is based on ‘kill the infidel’ a thing of evil."

Green joined the Mully & Haugh Show on Monday morning to discuss the meeting with CAIR and several other local groups.

"What we're attempting to do is mend fences and try to take a very sad, hurtful, offensive situation and turn it into something good," Green said. "Even though it wasn't Tom or the Cubs to make those comments, I think Tom was proactive and self-aware enough to know, obviously, the (Ricketts) name being associated with the team. There's an opportunity here to make sure we can step out and help in terms of eradicating Islamophobia.