Arkush: D Front 7 All That's Off Bears' Board Early

(670 The Score) When the Bears are on the clock in the second round of the NFL Draft next Friday -- assuming they don't trade out of it altogether -- there will be a variety of long-term positional needs for them to consider addressing.

So what position might they focus on addressing at No. 43 and No. 50 overall in the second round? Pretty much any of them other than the defensive front seven, Score football expert Hub Arkush explained on the Dan Bernstein Show on Friday.

"It seems pretty unlikely that they're going to draft in the front seven on defense high," Arkush said. "Once you get to rounds six, seven, whatever you're plugging in there is football players and athletes. When you look at those first two picks -- whether they use them 43 and 50 or if they turn them into a later two and extra three -- I don't see them drafting in the front seven on defense on day two. I don't think their need at cornerback is as great as some people are painting it, but there's a need there. And there's certainly a need at safety. So on defense, if they were to use a second-round pick, it would almost to me certainly be at safety, maybe at cornerback, but I just tend to doubt that because I think the need is greater at safety and because you're probably going to get a better player, at least a high-ranked prospect at safety. 

"Offensively, though, everything is on the board. They need a wide receiver, not necessarily a starter if you hope Anthony Miller is healthy. They still have no future at tight end. Maybe they're better this year for a year or two but unless you just see some miraculous breakout by a Jesper Horsted or a Dax Raymond or a J.P Holtz, you still got to get your tight end even if Jimmy Graham gives you a year or two. I've maintained for a couple years they got to get better at left tackle. We know there's no clear starter at right guard. And at running back, unless Cordarrelle Patterson is going to be your No. 2 -- because Tarik Cohen is just not a true No. 2 running back -- they still need another running back to pair with David Montgomery. And then you get to the quarterbacks. I think they're almost obligated to draft one. So I think the only thing you kind of rule out at this point is going high on the front seven on defense."

Listen to Arkush's full interview with Bernstein below.