Happ Selling Cubs On Players-Only Curtain Call

(670 The Score) Among the scenes that Cubs outfielder Ian Happ misses the most without MLB fans in the stands during the coronavirus pandemic is the time-honored tradition of a curtain call after a big home run.

So Happ has been brainstorming, and he has come up with an idea he's trying to sell to teammates -- a players-only curtain call. Happ's vision is for all the Cubs players to leave the dugout when a teammate homers and sit in the stands -- which are already being used by some players for social distancing -- as he rounds the bases. After the teammate returns to the dugout, he'd have no one to congratulate him but instead would have his fellow Cubs going wild in the stands. 

Soon, he'd take a curtain call, at which point the Cubs would then return to the dugout.

"I think that would be incredible," Happ said on the Dan Bernstein Show on Thursday morning. "That'd be incredible. I can't get my teammates on board with it. I think at some point at home, we're going to be able to get there. But it's so easy right now to do whatever you want. You can run into the stands, and it wouldn't affect any part of the game. Especially at Wrigley, if everybody sprinted out of the dugout while he was running around the bases and was sitting right behind the dugout and gave him a standing ovation until he came out and gave a curtain call, I think that'd be awesome.

"Some of those things that you need just to keep everybody involved, to keep everybody having a good time. I think those would be really good."

Listen to Happ's full interview below: