Pompei: Observations From Bears-Eagles

(670 The Score) It’s understandable if Bears fans can’t see the forest through the uprights after a 16-15 loss to the Eagles in the wild-card round Sunday, but that still was one of the best and most memorable Bears seasons in a long, long time.  

Chicago will be talking about the 2018 Bears for years to come.

Here are my observations:

1. For the good of the Bears, their fans and Cody Parkey, it’s time to move on, regardless of the cost. Signing him was a mistake. Personnel mistakes are understandable and forgivable. Compounding personnel mistakes by doubling down is neither understandable nor forgivable.
2. The problem with Parkey isn’t one miss. It’s his 11 misses this season, including extra points. His 76.7 field goal percentage percent in the regular season was the third-worst mark in the NFL. And he failed to redeem himself in the franchise’s biggest moment in decades.
3. Was it really necessary to boo the guy as he ran off the field? Parkey handled the situation with class. Those fans? No class.
4. Mitchell Trubisky was uneven early, but he stepped up when it mattered most late in the game. That’s been Trubisky all season — inconsistent, but with great promise. What he did in the fourth quarter cannot be minimized.
5. Ten guys in a bar had no idea what happened on Anthony Miller’s catch/no catch at the end of the first half, and whatever the rulebook says about that, it needs to be rewritten.
6. Allen Robinson was better than Alshon Jeffery, and you can bet Ryan Pace noticed. 
7. Having Tarik Cohen’s offensive workload fluctuate from game to game is understandable, given the type of player he is, the way different defenses approach him and the number of weapons the Bears have. But, yeah, it would've been nice to have seen him have more than four touches. 
8. It was more difficult to understand why Jordan Howard didn’t get much more work than Eddie Jackson.
9. So Jackson was well enough to be active, but not well enough to play effectively? Something doesn’t make sense there. 
10. Khalil Mack was outstanding against the run. He's paid to be outstanding against the pass, however. 
11. Roquan Smith is awfully good, but he was the third-best Bears middle linebacker in Soldier Field Sunday with Dick Butkus and Brian Urlacher in the house.
12. The unnecessary roughness penalty against Adrian Amos was costly, but it wasn’t a reckless play by Amos. It’s tough to be too upset with him for the way he hit Zach Ertz.
13. In hindsight, the Bears probably peaked in the only meaningless game they played all year -- one week before the most meaningful game they played all year.
14. Even though the ending was predictable, that was the most stunning end of a Bears season in memory.
15. The Bears will be back and better. That wasn't an end -- it was a beginning.
Dan Pompei has been covering the NFL since 1985 and is a regular contributor to 670 The Score and its Bears pregame show. He also writes for Bleacher Report and The Athletic. You can follow him on Twitter @Dan Pompei.