Sox Vow To Spend Money Earmarked For Machado

GLENDALE, Ariz. (670 The Score) -- Missing out on star free-agent infielder Manny Machado when he agreed to a 10-year, $300-million deal with the Padres on Tuesday was a painful pill to swallow for the White Sox organization and its fan base.

Machado chose that contract over an eight-year, $250-million offer from the White Sox that could've reached 10 years and $320 million with vesting options and perhaps even more than that with other incentives, per reports. In the aftermath, both executive vice president Kenny Williams and general manager Rick Hahn were emotionally drained on this free agency "failure," as Hahn put it. 

Then Hahn looked forward, vowing that the organization -- starting the third season of its rebuild -- will spend the money earmarked for Machado on player additions in the future.

"The money will be spent," Hahn said. "It might not be spent this offseason, but it will be spent at some point. This isn't money that is just sitting around accumulating interest. It is money that is waiting to be deployed to put us in the best position to win some championships."

Hahn acknowledged the prevailing belief among many in the game that the White Sox aren't quite ready to contend yet, but he expressed no regrets about the Machado chase or concern regarding the long term.

"There was certainly an argument at the beginning of this offseason that a move like this was a year premature, that this was a year too soon," Hahn said. "That is why most people didn't include us in a potential landing spot for the top of the free-agent market. I understand that argument, because a year from now, we will be in a better position to know more about our own guys. We will know more about what is available and where specific needs lie. When we have that knowledge, that is where this money will go.

"It is going to serve us well in the long term having this economic flexibility and this economic might to make ourselves better. We saw this opportunity now to make us better. Again, it didn't work. This does not deter us from our plan."

Bruce Levine covers the Cubs and White Sox for 670 The Score. Follow him on Twitter @MLBBruceLevine​.