670 staff predictions: Bears-Cardinals


(670 The Score) The Bears (4-7) host the Cardinals (9-2) on Sunday.

WBBM Newsradio 780 will carry the game, with kickoff set for noon.
670 The Score’s pregame show with Mike Mulligan, Olin Kreutz and Patrick Mannelly will start at 9 a.m. and run until kickoff. Our postgame show with Mulligan and Mannelly will start just after the final buzzer.

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You can check out all of 670’s preview coverage of the Bears-Cardinals matchup by clicking here. Below are the game predictions from our 670 hosts, producers and writers.

David Haugh (10-1): Cardinals 27, Bears 17
Little suspense surrounds this one. The Cardinals arrive with the NFL’s best record and balance on both sides of the ball. The Bears are coming off a 16-point performance in a victory over a winless team. There are 30 teams that likely would’ve beaten the Bears last week, but the Lions were the opponent. Rest Justin Fields, take your chances with Andy Dalton and brace for a long month. Another one. 

Leila Rahimi (10-1): Cardinals 34, Bears 24
*Reads Bears injury report, becomes scared.*
"Wait, Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins are both practicing?"
Rain is also in the forecast on the lakefront.
None of that gives me confidence.

Danny Parkins (6-5): Cardinals 24, Bears 13
I’ve lost my will to care, and I regret agreeing to do these weekly picks even though gambling on football is one of my favorite pastimes. That’s what the Bears have driven me to with six games left.

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Herb Lawrence (7-4): Cardinals 24, Bears 13
Fire Ryan Pace. Fire Matt Nagy. They’ve had ample time to show us if they’re good at their jobs, and they’ve failed.

Adam Studzinski (7-4): Cardinals 32, Bears 17
I'm making this prediction assuming Murray plays. Even if he doesn't, the Bears have already proved they can't beat a backup quarterback and will still lose. It'll just be slightly closer. If Fields is back, we’ll see the Bears refuse to play to his strengths for the entire first half while the Cardinals rack up points. They'll finally let Fields do crazy things like roll out of the pocket in the second half and he will put up points, but it will be too little, too late. We’ll leave the game still hating everything. Except the orange jerseys, which are indisputably awesome. If Dalton plays, the Bears will also lose.

Chris Emma (8-3): Cardinals 31, Bears 17
First, allow me to eat crow for picking the Lions to beat the Bears last week. Now, let's never speak of that game again. As for this one, the Cardinals offense is healthy and facing a depleted Bears defense.
It should be a big day for Kyler Murray and his first-place bunch.

Cam Ellis (9-2): Cardinals 26, Bears 20
It’s widely assumed that the following Sunday night in Green Bay is the hardest game of Chicago’s season, but I think there’s an argument to be made that this game is tougher. You’d think the Bears might have a decent chance to pull off the upset at home if the Cardinals’ backup quarterback has to play but, you know, let’s not get into that.

Les Grobstein (9-2): Cardinals 28, Bears 20
Bears have the home-field advantage Sunday, but the Cardinals have more talent.

Jay Zawaski (5-6): Cardinals 35, Bears 17
It looks like Murray is going to play, which should be interesting. This feels like one of those games in which the Bears defense will be on the field a lot.
Regardless of who starts at quarterback, I don’t give the Bears much of a chance in this one.