Bears-Bengals: 3 matchups to watch

Kickoff between the Bears and Bengals is set for noon Sunday.

(670 The Score) The Bears’ home opener is a nooner against an AFC North opponent, which feels fitting for reasons I can’t totally describe. The Bengals arrive fresh off a fun overtime win against the Vikings, and the Bears arrive with a whole bunch of anxiety, just so much anxiety. It’s a dark, confusing time to be a Bears fan, but there’s good news on the way: It's going to be 82 degrees Sunday! And sunny! If you feel the urge to scream at any point, you can just open a window and do so into the warm, fresh air. And speaking of the urge to scream, here’s what to watch for when the Bears play football this weekend.

Bears coach Matt Nagy vs. the Soldier Field crowd 
You think this is a joke but I’m totally serious – serious enough to list it first, at least. I’m curious if Nagy fully realizes what kind of an afternoon he’s probably in for. Soldier Field has been booing bad throws and bad plays and bad entire offensive systems for most of the Nagy era, but back then the alternative was Chase Daniel. Until last year, fans have never quite approved of who was playing quarterback, but they never disagreed. We could hear an entirely different octave of boos, a richer, more full-bodied boo. And even those will still be preferable to the "We want Justin" chants that will come next. Unless the Bears pull out their best impression of the 2018 win against the Buccaneers, it’s going to be a mess. So it’s going to be a mess.

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