Bears' Cole Kmet tells story of the time Khalil Mack choke-slammed an offensive lineman in practice


(RADIO.COM Sports) We all know Bears star pass rusher Khalil Mack is on a different level from almost everyone else in the NFL, but tight end Cole Kmet revealed that Mack is even more ferocious than you think.

Kmet, who just finished his rookie season, joined the “Fresh Outta the Oven” podcast recently and reflected on the first time he had to block Mack in practice with pads. Kmet explained that he was successful in stopping Mack from getting to the quarterback and thought he did pretty good for himself up against arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL, but it was what happened later that day that opened his eyes.

“Later in practice I saw him get up, he was taking a knee and the O-line and D-line were doing one-on-one drills, pass set one-on-one drills,” Kmet said. “They were telling him to get up and do a one-on-one and he was kinda shaking his head -- he didn’t wanna do it. A lineman called him out, so he got up and he took his arm and put it all up his throat and slammed him down to the ground in the rep.

“And I’m like, ‘Wow, he was only going like 50% against me. He wasn’t even trying against me.’ He’s a freak. He’s a great football player.”

In case it wasn't obvious before, don't mess with Mack.

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