Sean Desai doesn't think Eddie Jackson's season has been bad, just misunderstood


(670 The Score) Perhaps no one on the the Bears' roster embodies the team as a whole more than safety Eddie Jackson, who has underwhelmed since his breakthrough season in 2018, a year that now looks more like an outlier than the start of something great. Some untimely missed tackles (and one extremely untimely soundbite) have earned Jackson a dubious reputation lately, but on Thursday afternoon, Bears defensive coordinator Sean Desai explained why Jackson's season isn't going nearly as poorly as Twitter would have you think.

"I think he's doing a really good job of understanding what we're trying to get done with the whole defense," he said. "He takes a command out there of the back end, because it's not easy to play safety for us. There's a lot of adjustments and tools that they're responsible to make on the fly, based on what they see from an offense, and so he's got great command of that.

"And so all those things he's dong well, he's in the spots that we need him to be in and quite frankly when you're in those spots and you're a player that's got good history in this league, quarterbacks don't go that way."

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