Ellis: 10 very legitimate theories about why Justin Fields hasn't been named Bears' QB1 yet


(670 The Score) Remember Sunday afternoon? When everyone was happy? The Bears had just beaten the Lions, thanks in no small part to rookie quarterback Justin Fields and offensive coordinator Bill Lazor.

Matt Nagy was there too, and he was feeling good as a head coach. He wasn’t calling plays, but who’s to say what “calling plays” even really means. It could be anything. What’s important to remember is that Nagy was there. And if you think about it, collaborating is just a fancy word for delegating. But he’s still calling the shots, OK? HE’S STILL CALLING THE SHOTS AND THAT’S REAL. THAT’S REAL. THAT’S WHAT A HEAD COACH DOES. IT’S REAL AND NORMAL AND HE’S DONE TALKING ABOUT IT, BUT HE’S NOT MAD. PLEASE DON’T PUT IN THE NEWSPAPER THAT HE GOT MAD.

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Fast forward 18 hours, and Nagy was back at Halas Hall on Monday morning answering questions about Fields’ terrific day.

“When we work through this whole process, we gotta see where Andy (Dalton's) at health-wise these next two days,” Nagy said. “That’s important. Like we said this whole time, when Andy’s healthy, when he’s healthy, he’s our starter. He’s the 1. Justin’s the 2. Nick’s the 3.”

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Very cool! When you can force defensive coordinators to plan for Fields and Dalton but choose not to, you’re not doing everything within your power to win. If you’re not stretching your quarterback competition into the second quarter of the regular season, how can you really be sure who the better option is? All these Bears fans who have seemingly forgotten that Nagy went 12-4 in 2018 and are trying to cancel him don’t realize that indecision is the greatest tool in the toolbox. Try reading about gamesmanship sometime.

And if that doesn’t convince you, here are 10 other theories about why Fields is still QB2.

1. Dalton found The Why and won’t tell Nagy what it is. Knowledge is power, and power is getting one-year deals from the McCaskeys until our sun explodes and the endless winter begins. Dalton is a vet – don’t think he doesn’t know this.

2. Whoever runs the Bears’ Twitter account is the organization’s shadow power broker and everyone is afraid to cross them.

3. It’s just where they’re at right now.

4. Nagy wants to set up the Giants – who hold the Bears’ first-round pick in 2022 – nicely in the NFL Draft next year. And hey, if they also happen to need a new offensive coordinator next season and move on from Daniel Jones, those are their decisions. He can only control what he can control.

5. Nagy lost a bet to Sean McVay in Cabo.

6. Dalton knows something incriminating and is ready to leak it to the third hour of the "Today Show."

7. Dink-and-dunk works, but only in Year 5. So really, the Bears are close.

8. Someone on the ‘85 Bears wrote Dalton’s letter of recommendation.

9. What's Nagy supposed to do, NOT play Dalton in the orange jersey game?

10. The Fields puns broke him. Honestly, though, I'd empathize with that.

Cam Ellis is a writer for 670 The Score and Audacy Sports. Follow him on Twitter @KingsleyEllis.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports