Ellis: This Eddie Jackson-Lance Briggs beef is all very dumb, and no one is right


(670 The Score) God, Twitter sucks. You’d think that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers explicitly declaring ownership of Soldier Field on Sunday in the waning moments of his 750th win in Chicago would automatically qualify as the worst moment of the Bears’ week, and yet somehow the dumb bird app found a way to present their worthy contender, like, nine hours later.

So here we have Bears safety Eddie Jackson, who was mad on the web, coming at former Chicago star linebacker Lance Briggs, who was mad on a television and then the web. We also have several thousand Bears fans, who are – you guessed it – mad on the web, projecting their frustrations about all aspects of an organization onto one single player at a non-premium position. We even have writers, perpetually mad on the web, thinking that a quickly deleted Twitter interaction in the aftermath of a hyper-physical game overflowing with testosterone is worth going 700 (650) words on. I wonder who’s having the most fun???

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