Legendary story about Akiem Hicks drinking 40 beers in a day resurfaces on Monday Night Football


Wade Boggs and Akiem Hicks walk into a bar...

... and the punchline, probably, is that the bar sells out of beers in mere hours, enjoys a profitable night and tells the stories of the chaos that ensued for years to come. On Monday, the NFL universe found out — thanks to some digging done by RADIO.COM Sports NFL insider and frequent Bet Sweats co-host Ross Tucker — that Bears star Hicks is quite the prolific beer drinker.

The snippet comes from a story published by Don Brennan of the Ottawa Sun in early 2019, when Hicks reflected fondly on his college experience in Saskatchewan. What was missing from Tucker's tweet was another snippet that made the story even more legendary for Hicks.

“I was one of the last ones standing,” he said. “Let’s just say … oh, I’m going to put his name out there, let’s just say Stefan Charles wasn’t so lucky.”

Charles, an Oshawa native, was on the same Regina Rams D-Line as Hicks. He went on (to) play three years with the Buffalo Bills and one with the Detroit Lions.

What happened to Charles that night?

“Oh man, he dropped off about 11, 11:30 p.m.,” Hicks said, with more laughter. “Just before The Owl started to get going."

Even the Monday Night Football booth on ESPN had some fun with the story, bringing it up as the Bears were trailing by three scores in the fourth quarter.

So, yes. Combining Hicks with Boggs — whose legendary story goes that he drank 64 beers (or 107, according to actor Charlie Day) on a cross-country flight from Boston to Los Angeles — would probably make one bar rich and also depleted of beer. After the Bears' ugly 24-10 loss against the Rams, which put fans' high hopes of the team on temporary hold, we wouldn't be too surprised if some Chicagoans attempted to down a solid fraction of Hicks' feat.

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