Let's collaborate: What will Bears do in NFL Draft?

Chris Emma and Cam Ellis break down the most realistic and boldest scenarios in play.

(670 The Score) There are many scenarios in play for the Bears in this NFL Draft, with decisions awaiting that could define the franchise's future.

The Bears may be ready to make a bold move up in the first round and select a quarterback. They could stand pat with the No. 20 overall pick and take the best player available. Perhaps they could even deal down and stockpile additional picks.

Ahead of the NFL Draft starting Thursday, 670 The Score reporters Chris Emma and Cam Ellis discussed what they envision happening -- from the most realistic possibilities to the bold.


Chris Emma: All right, Cam. Since your Twitter got hacked, I wanted to catch you up on everything. The Bears traded up to pick No. 4. It cost them three first-round picks and the Bear Raid siren. What do you think they're going to do here?

Cam Ellis: Trade it to Seattle for Russell Wilson!!

Chris: The dream will never die. In all seriousness, I feel like a trade up is realistic but difficult to pull off. Yes, the Bears need a quarterback -- (insert montage of failed starters since Jim McMahon here) -- and we know general manager Ryan Pace is never, ever afraid to be bold. But shy of a trade up with the Falcons for the No. 4 pick, the Bears won't control their own destiny with these scenarios. Picking No. 4 would mean a chance at grabbing Mac Jones, Trey Lance or maybe even Justin Fields if the 49ers pass on him. But there are no guarantees at quarterback if the Bears trade up to No. 10 with the Cowboys or anywhere in that neighborhood.

Cam: Yeah, I don’t really see the path to a QB this year either. There are just too many teams in front of them that either A) need one or B) would consider drafting one for all the obvious reasons. Why wouldn’t Minnesota, Vegas or Washington consider taking one of the top four quarterbacks if one fell to them? Maybe NFL franchises aren’t quite there yet, but there’s a real argument to be made that 80% of the league's teams should be addressing the position far more frequently, draft-wise, than they currently do. But I don’t think that means selling the farm, or reaching for Stanford quarterback Davis Mills, for the Bears this year. It just doesn’t seem like where the organization has signaled they are in this "cycle" for lack of a better term. Right?

Chris: I'm in complete agreement. That's why it's stunning to me that Pace has drafted one quarterback since joining the franchise in 2015: Mitchell Trubisky. Pace arrived to Chicago holding a philosophy like you just mentioned -- drafting a quarterback damn near every year. And Trubisky is the lone arm he brought to the fold so far. I remember last year, I said confidently the Bears would draft a quarterback -- to hedge against the Trubisky bet, to try to develop someone new -- and it didn't happen. I'd be shocked if it didn't happen this year. And I've warmed up to the prospect of taking Mills, Florida's Kyle Trask or Texas A&M's Kellen Mond on Day 2. How do you see this playing out?

Cam: My guess is that there’s at least one QB in this draft class for the Bears, even if it’s a pick that feels shamelessly forced (Tom Herman just needs more time with Sam Ehlinger!). You won’t catch me being the one to try and outline the limits of the McCaskeys' patience, but I can’t imagine – especially after everything that’s gone on this offseason – that not drafting one would sit well. Mills and Mond both seem like reasonable options. If you’re going to do that, however, I think you almost have to consider moving back from No. 20. Either move up and get your guy or move back and fill the team out, but sitting still with one top-50 pick seems to me like the least useful option.

Chris: Let's go on record here. Hit me with your prediction for the first three rounds. I see Pace calling about a trade up but not pulling it off. The Bears take Northwestern cornerback Greg Newsome with the 20th pick. Then they trade back in the second and take Mills and go with a receiver in the third round. I'll go with Clemson's Amari Rogers as my guy. What say you?

Cam: That first Newsome profile basically writes itself! I’m not sure the Bears have it in them to trade out of the first round after sitting on the sideline the last two years, and for simplicity’s sake I’ll keep the picks where they are. I’ll say they take Oklahoma State offensive tackle Teven Jenkins at No. 20, UCF cornerback Aaron Robinson at No. 52 and North Carolina receiver Dyami Brown at No. 83. And I’m not confident about any of the picks!

Chris: We're on the same page with wide receivers. I could easily see them drafting one in the first round. It's a deep, dynamic class at the position and this is a major need for the Bears, both for 2021 and potentially even more so if Allen Robinson is playing elsewhere in 2022. Let's play out one more scenario for the road. Give me your realistic-but-bonkers Bears prediction. I'll go with a trade up to the Panthers' pick at No. 8 and a selection of Trey Lance. Your turn.

Cam: I’ll double down and say that the Bears somehow slingshot the Falcons’ No. 4 pick to the Seahawks for Wilson. Picks and players will fly, and it’ll be the busiest 72 hours of your life, but it finally happens. It was the rumor that simply refused to die, so I’m going to buy into that. Plus you did say it could be bonkers.

Chris: Don't do this to Bears fans. They can only take so much heartbreak.

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