Power ranking the takeaways from Kevin Warren's first Bears press conference


(670 The Score) Press conference discourse is funny. There’s just something endearing about how energized everyone was to hear that new Bears president Kevin Warren wants the team he’s now in charge of to 1) build a new stadium and 2) win a Super Bowl. What’s next? Making money? Still, there's no doubt that Warren is up for the job, which he made clear by hitting almost every square of the Get Good Press bingo board during his introduction Tuesday at Halas Hall. It was yet another successful step of the Windustrial Revolution happening in Lake Forest right now. First, it was three games. Then it was two press conferences (in a row!). And to think that some people accused the Bears of devaluing wins this season. There are so many different moments to take away from Warren’s presser and only so many takeaways to be power ranked. Let’s dive in.

5. Warren on his outside interests: “I’m a very boring person. This is all that I do. I don’t have any hobbies. My wife’s been telling me for years, ‘You have to get hobbies.’ She finally stopped telling me that a couple of years ago.”
This is very sad. I feel bad for Kevin now. Try out some hobbies Kevin! You could learn how to do the Super Bowl shuffle? You could start a blog! I don’t know if the Tycoon video games have a "Football Stadium" version yet, but if they do, that feels right up your alley. Hobbies are perfect for when you get home after spending every hour of daylight focused on the Bears losing 12-7. Your wife is right, Kevin.

4. Warren on his old neighborhood's Yard of the Month club: "Our yard was OK, but once I saw that sign up, I got the mulch, I was bringing out experts and cutting the yard, cross-cutting it. And what happened? We won Yard of the Month.” 
If you’re not sold on Cheesecake Factory Field at Arlington Heights now, I don’t know what to tell you. The man literally overhauled his own home field and then WON AN AWARD for it.

3. Warren on quarterback Justin Fields: “(He) wants to win championships. Those are the people that I want, because if someone was not upset about (not) playing, then I really would be concerned. I know if I was in the Big Ten and someone did what I did, yeah, I would’ve led a revolt to be able to play, because that’s how passionate I was to take advantage of it. So I think that’s great.”
This is a smart answer – and the right one – but also a weird answer. I envy those who didn’t believe that "Justin Fields vs. Kevin Warren" was going to find its way into the discourse Tuesday. I guess you don’t really want to go into an introductory press conference admitting that one of the defining decisions of your previous tenure was, in hindsight, mistaken, but the “I was just playing my role” routine is an interesting choice. What’s more important than relitigating COVD decision is Warren’s wholly enthusiastic endorsement of Fields – not just as the team’s quarterback but as a leader and the face of the $6-billion organization that Warren is now running. By all accounts, Warren has a knack for identifying strong leaders and building successful teams. He even went as far as to mention that the two have a “strong personal relationship” and that he visited with Fields after the Bears’ game in Minnesota this season. And yeah, maybe it’s all just presser fluff, but this is an organization that just two years ago was extremely not all-in on the quarterback they traded up in the draft to get. Maybe that can be the tagline next season – "2023 Chicago Bears: We’re on the same page now!"

2. Warren: “I look at every day as a single day – today is the first day of my internship with the Chicago Bears Football Club. I will do that every single day that I’m here. I never take myself too seriously, position or title. If you have to tell somebody your position or title, something’s wrong.”
First off, “Chicago Bears Football Club” has a nice ring to it. It sounds like a team that’s getting ready for a big FA Cup semifinal in North London. Secondly, I am a sucker for not taking oneself too seriously. Being dismissive of titles isn't going to win the Bears any more or fewer Super Bowls, but it’s nice to see that sort of attitude at the very top of a professional sports team’s organizational chart. For as long as the Bears are around, there will always be enormous amounts of worshiping at the altar of Papa Bear – and there was plenty of that Tuesday – but it’s refreshing to hear someone in Warren’s position not spend painstaking amounts of time trying to legitimize his seniority.

1. Warren: “I’m looking forward to building an incredible culture here with the Chicago Bears, to meet with every employee one-on-one, to ask them some simple questions. If you were a member of the McCaskey family, what would you do to bring a championship? What can we do to help you on a daily basis? Tell me one thing that we can change to make this an incredible place … I’m looking forward to making this home for a very long time and bringing championships home to Chicago.” 
I love the visual of Warren, on his first day, knocking on Virginia McCaskey’s office door to politely go over her timecard together. It truly is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league.

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