Hawkins doesn't know exactly how aggressive Cubs will be in free agency, but he insists there's an 'urgency' to quickly build a winner


(670 The Score) With this being his first couple days on the job, new Cubs general manager Carter Hawkins doesn’t yet have the definitive answer on what figures to be a defining question for the organization this offseason.

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How aggressive will the team be in free agency after a disappointing 2021 season in which it went 71-91? Of course, Hawkins does have an inkling. It’s part of why he took the new job, after all.

“Obviously, I’m on Day 1 right now,” Hawkins said on the Mully & Haugh Show on 670 The Score on Tuesday morning. “Yesterday was Day 0, so still trying to get an understanding of where we are and where we want to go with our offseason plan this year and our offseason plans in future years. That word ‘urgency,’ I totally agree with you. And ‘aggressiveness,’ I totally agree with you. I think that was something that was clear to me from Day 1 in the process to these interviews – people here are aggressive in trying to bring winning baseball to Chicago as often and as quickly as possible. Sometimes those decisions on the surface don’t seem that way, but they all have that underlying understanding – ‘this is so we can win our next World Series as quickly as we can.’ And I think that we’ll think through our free agency process this offseason. Jed talked about it in his offseason presser, about spending intelligently. I think as painful as that is to hear for fans that want to say where to spend unintelligently and spend free willy, it’s something we have to do. Because we know those are the decisions that help us to best put us in position to bring those unbelievable moments to Chicago over and over again.”

Listen to Hawkins’ full interview below, as he detailed his journey to Chicago and shared more of his baseball philosophy.

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New GM Carter Hawkins on 'urgency' to make Cubs a winner again