Watch: Padres' Yu Darvish uses Anthony Rizzo's walk-up song for his at-bat vs. Cubs

Darvish remains a treasure who should be protected at all costs.

(670 The Score) Remember Yu Darvish? Of course you remember Yu Darvish. He was on the Cubs, he was very good and then he got traded for some reason that no one's really all that sure about. Now he's on the Padres, he's still very good and, notably, he's also still very funny, which we were reminded of as the teams met Wednesday afternoon.

The song is "Intoxicated" by Martin Solveig, which I definitely knew off the top of my head and certainly didn't need to look up. I can just imagine Rizzo now, laughing and raising his arms in disbelief.

See! I knew it. Yu Darvish was always one of the more underappreciated athletes during his time in Chicago, so here's to hoping that Padres fans appreciate his commitment to pitching well -- and nailing his comedic timing -- while he's still on their team.