White Sox ace Lance Lynn is tired of hitters inauthentically hunting catcher's interference


(670 The Score) White Sox right-hander Lance Lynn has quickly become a fan favorite in his first season on the South Side.

That’s because of his superb pitching – Lynn’s 1.51 ERA leads the American League and has him in line to be an All-Star – and also his demonstrative nature on the field. Lynn often yells on the mound or while stomping off of it at the end of an inning, for various reasons.

In one such recent spectacle, Lynn was caught on camera using the term “slap****.” In an appearance on the Parkins & Spiegel Show on Tuesday afternoon, Lynn explained the reason for using that language, as he apparently felt that was the correct term to describe a hitter inauthentically trying to reach base.

“It was more along the lines of trying to get a catcher’s interference,” Lynn said. “You’re starting to see those things more where guys are trying to initiate longer bat paths when they get fooled and stuff like that, to get away with stuff. It’s just another thing hitters do to get away with everything. That’s part of the game.”

Lynn hasn’t received pushback from opponents for ever displaying emotion or yelling on the mound, he said, adding it’s a two-way street for pitchers and hitters to display who they are and that it's in the game’s best interest.

“If I have, I haven’t paid attention to it,” Lynn said. “So I’m just out there doing everything I can to help my team win. It’s nothing against them. I respect everybody I play against, I respect everything they’re about. But that’s just how I’m going to compete. Just like if a guy is dancing around the bases after he hits a home run, so be it. That’s the game we play today – show who you are, show what personality you have and show how much you care. That’s the way I tend to do it.”

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