Meyers Leonard reveals how many beers he needs to get drunk (and it's a lot)


(RADIO.COM Sports) Back in my heyday — which was, oh, about 20 months ago as I wrapped up my senior year of college — I thought I could hold my own when it came to putting down a few beers without breaking a sweat. Then, I learned how much Meyers Leonard could not only stomach but needed to stomach in order to even feel a buzz.

Then again, I'm a modest 5-foot-9 compared to the 7-foot, 260-pound frame of Leonard, who went to the University of Illinois and is a former Miami Heat and Portland Trail Blazers center who's now a free agent. And after witnessing how quickly Leonard could shotgun a beer — the feat that brought him some newfound popularity inside the NBA bubble and started a trend throughout the league — I knew I wasn't even in the same realm.

Wait... what? How was that even possible? Let's give him some competition.

That's right ... there's no competition. In fact, he became so associated with his abilities to delete some cold ones that Coors Light teamed up with him in a promotional partnership.

Leonard's beer-inhaling prowess was so impressive that he was asked more about his alcohol intake on the "Endless Hustle" podcast to put just how much Coors Light a normal human needs in context with how much it takes for Leonard to feel a little something.

"Somebody asked me this the other day," Leonard said. "Depending on my food intake, I would say between eight and 10 is a buzz. Between 13 and 15 is drunk. And then once we get to 20, then we're really cooking. But I can drink a lot of Coors Light."

Hosts Arthur Kade and Matt Keohan were actually a little surprised that it wasn't more, saying 20 seemed more like an appetizer for Leonard based on the previous video evidence. But half an entire case of beers to just get drunk? Thirteen to 15 cans, about two-and-a-half times Leonard's career scoring average, just to get past the "buzzed" stage?

That's a whole lot of daddy sodas. Perhaps this skill will get him some extra attention as he seeks the next step in his career as an unrestricted free agent, one in which he hopes to help out a contending team.

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