So many questions, so few answers as Kevin Stefanski prepares for the unknown

CLEVELAND, Ohio (92.3 The Fan) – Kevin Stefanski expects training camp and the season to start on time.

In this year of uncertainty, it’s the only way he knows how to operate.

“I am operating under that assumption,” Stefanski said Thursday on a Zoom video conference call with reporters. “I just think for us, all offseason long we’ve had a plan and then we’re ready to pivot.”

Thursday morning the NFL and Pro Football Hall of Fame cancelled the 2020 Hall of Fame game between the Cowboys and Steelers as well as the enshrinement ceremonies.

It’s an ominous sign of what could potentially come this fall.

The preseason will likely be cut to two games and who knows if the regular season will start on time.

“If that does happen, we will be ready,” Stefanski said. “Obviously, you want reps for your players from a learning standpoint and you want reps for players from an evaluation standpoint, but I am sure that whatever the rules are, they will be the same for all 32 [teams] and we will deal with it as it comes.”

As COVID-19 cases spike across the country, the question begs to be asked, will there even be a season in 2020?

It’s a question that Stefanski is unable to answer, and understandably so.

“I am comfortable being uncomfortable so whatever comes our way, we will be ready,” Stefanski said. “I think for us, I understand why that may be a concern for some, but we are just going to plan with what is in front of us. Right now for us, that is July 24 for the rookies and the QBs and then July 28 for the vets. If we hear otherwise, we will be ready to pivot.”

Assuming players report – whenever that is – what will training camp look like?

“I wish I knew,” Stefanski said. “That is one of my questions. I do not know. Again, that is OK. We have a plan. If that plan will not do, another one must. We will be ready.”

As the NFL and NFLPA continue to discuss health and safety protocols for the upcoming camp and season, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh criticized the protocols earlier this month, calling them “humanly impossible” to abide by.

Stefanski is ready to adapt to whatever the league and NFLPA requires.

“I know this, whatever the rules are, I am ready to abide by them and adhere to them<” stefanski said. “i do not know what is going to look like. i our rules are right now in safe return work and being my office now. have door closed so can mask off. we stairways that go up down. credit whole group here who really done a nice job of making this p>

“Whatever the protocols are that the league agrees on and puts out, we will be ready to roll.”

Unfortunately for Stefanski, right now, there are so many questions and no answers.