Jake Paul fires back at Browns' Myles Garrett: "You can play football … you can't play boxing."

Well ok then!

Jake Paul, who fights lots of random people, is fighting in Cleveland this weekend. He’ll be putting his 3-0 record up against former UFC champ Tyron Woodley, and though a lot of fans in the greater Cleveland area may be excited for Paul’s homecoming of sorts, Browns’ star defensive end Myles Garrett isn’t one of them.

While in an interview last week, Garrett briefly spoke about Paul’s brother, Logan, who also fights celebrities and former athletes.

“I’d beat the brakes off of Logan Paul, but I have bigger fish to fry,” Garrett told Complex Sports. “I got a career to take care of.”

“Stick to football, my friend,” Paul told the 3 Things To Know podcast. “I like Myles. I have nothing against him, he’s an amazing player. But you saw what happened when Nate Robinson from the NBA tried to step into the ring. People don’t realize it’s a whole different sport.”

And then, on Tuesday morning, Paul doubled down on his criticisms of Garrett, again pointing to the former athletes that he’s already beaten in his young martial arts career so far. Speaking with the Ken Carman Show with Anthony Lima, Paul was quick to dismiss the Browns star’s confidence.

“Nothing against Myles Garrett,” he said. “I’m a Myles Garrett fan. The guy’s a phenomenal athlete. Boxing’s just different, man. It really is. You saw that when super athletic Nate Robinson, All-time dunk champion … he tried to come into the sport, learn how to do it, and he barely lasted one round. So, you can’t play boxing. You can’t play boxing. You can play football and you can play basketball and baseball, but you can’t play boxing. So all love to Myles Garrett, but it wouldn’t happen the way he’s thinking.”

(For what it’s worth: Nate Robinson is 37 years old, 5’9, and 180 lbs. Myles Garrett is 25, 6’4, and 270 lbs. But who’s counting really?)

You can listen to the entire interview in the embedded player below: