White Sox coach’s handwritten lineup cards are works of art


Between his eight-year playing career and the various coaching jobs he’s held since then, Jerry Narron has been a fixture at the major-league level for over four decades. Now employed by the White Sox as a “roving instructor,” Narron wears a number of different hats for his new club, balancing on-field responsibilities with other less, glamorous tasks like filling out manager Tony La Russa’s daily lineup card.

Some might consider the latter assignment “grunt work,” but not Narron. The 65-year-old apparently takes great pride in his unofficial role as team calligrapher, routinely churning out masterpieces like this.

Not to geek out and go all art theory on everyone, but Narron’s unusual font seems to invoke the style of J.R.R. Tolkien, favoring a Gothic, almost medieval aesthetic. It’s a bold choice artistically and not especially easy script to read, but you have to admire Narron’s attention to detail, even using the correct Japanese characters to denote Angels designated hitter Shohei Ohtani.

Props to Narron for going the extra mile, bringing a rare creativity to the relatively unexplored medium of decorative lineup cards. Narron’s work in this genre draws parallels to Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, who has been known to spice up concert set lists with his blissfully messy illustrations.

How can you not be romantic about baseball?

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