Doc Rivers couldn't believe that a reporter was interviewing him from bed during presser


Is this a 2020 (technically 2021) headline or what?

On Wednesday night, the Philadelphia 76ers had an unforgettable first half despite the absence of Ben Simmons, who had just dropped 42 points in the game prior. Three Sixers starters were in double figures, and Joel Embiid wasn't even one of them, as Seth Curry, Tobias Harris and Danny Green poured in 16, 14 and 12 points respectively.

And this seemed to be the angle that 76ers reporter and writer Jackson Frank seemed to be taking in the postgame press conference, though his words seemed to go in one of Doc Rivers' ears and out the other. Instead, the head coach was focused on something else.

First thing: never in a press conference has anyone — coach, player or interviewer — uttered the words "are you in bed right now?" to the best of my knowledge. And secondly, needless to say, the answer has never been yes. But that's what'll happen during a coronavirus pandemic, and kudos to Frank for not trying to cover it up at all.

Rivers and Frank have had some good banter previously, when Rivers complimented his shirt.

While it's hard to take away too many positives from a terrible pandemic, doing your job in bed has been one perk that many people have been able to enjoy... even during a live NBA press conference.

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