Talkin' Nets: Is Kyrie Irving bluffing with trade request?

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Kyrie Irving made headlines on Friday after it was reported that he requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets ahead of Thursday’s NBA trade deadline.

Irving and the Nets have had a contentious relationship over the years, but the latest news may not necessarily mean he wants out.

Keith McPherson and Robin Lundberg of Audacy’s 2400 Sports podcast “Talkin’ Nets” reacted to the news and pointed out how this is all likely leverage for negotiating a contract extension after the Nets refused to give him a long-term deal over the summer.

Kyrie Irving
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Listen to Talkin’ Nets React to Kyrie Irving Trade Request

“Kyrie Irving is using a little bit of leverage right now because he did not get his extension yet,” McPherson said. “He’s a New Jersey kid who grew up rooting for the Nets….he’s spoken about wanting to stay here and finish his career here.”

Lundberg reminded that the Nets and Irving have been through this once already over the summer.

“The lesson I would learn from the summer is you gotta let things settle,” Lundberg said. “We thought the whole thing was over this summer and it wasn’t. And we’re back in that mode again. I will say this: The Nets can always call Kyrie’s bluff and not trade him. He’s not going to sit out this season. He still needs a contract one way or another.

“Also, the Nets can see if there’s an offer of worth and if there is one you do trade him. Because if it’s not this, it’s going to be the next thing. If you can cut ties while not losing him for nothing you have to seriously consider doing that.”

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