Election 2022: Who is the Mayor of Memphis Sports? Ja Morant? Penny? Maybe Elliot Perry?


Yes, this Memphis election season has been wild. Most are nowadays. The August 4th contests already included a sports angle with the now much talked about Lorenzen Wright murder trial commercial promoting Incumbent District Attorney Amy Weirich. The spot featured Wright's mother talking about the support and depth of prosecution by Weirich for her son's case.

But Thursday (8/4) Mark Giannotto and Connor Dunning on 92.9 FM ESPN introduced a more light-hearted debate. Who is the 2022 Mayor of Memphis Sports? As you might guess it's a tight race between Penny Hardaway and Ja Morant at the top of the "ballot".

Listen here as Mark and Connor lay out the cases for all of the potential Memphis sports figures on 92.9 FM ESPN: