Glenn Brummer says his wife had a key role in that iconic '82 home run


Glenn Brummer is perhaps best known for an iconic moment in a Cardinals game in 1982. In a game against the San Francisco Giants, Brummer stole home plate with two strikes and two outs -- something announcers later said they'd never seen before.

Brummer joined KMOX's "The Show" to talk about that iconic moment in his past -- and what inspired it.

As he rounded the bases, he said, he caught his wife's eye.

"My wife Shelly was on the third base side with her brother and his wife," Brummer told The Show. "And when I hit third base, I noticed my wife in the stands there, and I said hi to her, and she said 'Would you do something?'"

Listen above to Glenn Brummer as he recounts that historic moment.

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