Batter Up Pod: Baseball Will Happen, But How Much?


While many baseball pundits have backed off the dire, "there won't be baseball in 2020" stance, there's still a question about how long a supposed 2020 season would last.

MLB's latest offer of 76 games at 75% of pro rated player revenue drew a rousing denial from the Players Association,  leaving the two sides at an all-too-familiar impasse.

The ball could be in the court of Commissioner Rob Manfred, who could mandate a season regardless of an agreement at any time under the full pro-rated amount, believed to be in the neighborhood of 50 games.

Caleb Johnson says any team who wins a prospective World Series will value that championship like any other year, adding "If the Braves win, I don't care, we'll worry about the rest later."

Will Palaszczuk believes any season shorter than 65 games calls the season into question for him, as a 50-game sprint  spits in the face of the marathon nature of what makes baseball unique.

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