Grady Jarrett More Irreplaceable Than Julio Jones to Falcons


Early on in The Jon Chuckery Show, Jon posed a question to all Falcons fans: Who would be tougher to replace, or better yet who is irreplaceable, Grady Jarret or Julio Jones?

Obviously this is a scary thought for the Atlanta Falcons, and hopefully nothing the Dirty Birds, or their fans, have to worry about for at least a few seasons. Barring injury, the Falcons won’t have to worry about this with both players signed to long-term deals. However, Chuckery still answers the question.

On one hand, despite what the latest version of Madden says, Julio is looked at as the best receiver in the league. Jon states that Julio “completely changes the dynamic of how you have to approach a defensive game plan against the Falcons.” Chuckery also goes on to say: “His presence on the field instantly makes everybody better.” Jon also goes on to say that Julio draws in so much attention that it obviously opens up holes in the defense for other guys to exploit, and if the Falcons didn’t have a Julio Jones in their offense it would be a “tough pill to swallow.”

Then, Jon moves on to Grady Jarrett and explains how much the Pro-Bowler means to the team.

Chuckery starts by saying having a player like Grady is a “rare commodity” and that he is the “best defensive player on this team.” Jon then goes on to answer the question he asked to begin the segment. Which player is more irreplaceable between Grady Jarrett and Julio Jones?

Chuckery says “you have zero answers when Grady Jarrett is not in your lineup” and Jon also says “If Gardy Jarrett had to be replaced today there’s nobody even close on this roster.” Chuck finishes up the segment by explaining that with Jarrett’s ability to stop the run, make plays in the backfield, and sack the quarterback it makes him the second most important player on the Falcons behind obviously Matt Ryan. 

Calvin Ridley is the obvious heir apparent to Julio Jones, and has proven that he can get the job done, and will be the Falcons No. 1 receiver one day. The Falcons and Grady Jarrett are hopeful that they have drafted his perfect running mate in Marlon Davidson, but as a rookie can’t be sure yet. Julio is the Falcons best player hands down, but behind Matt Ryan, Grady Jarrett is the most important. Grady Jarrett is irreplaceable.