Freddie Freeman crashes comment section of Ronald Acuña's live stream: 'Ronald, you're late'


When Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo caught his Braves counterpart, Freddie Freeman, in a pickle and dropped an all-time name — "Frederick!" — the baseball community ate it up. Something about calling your extremely athletic and talented adversary by his full name, in as fatherly a tone as possible, just cracked us up and made for some really amusing baseball. It's pure fun at that point.

So it appears that Freeman borrowed from Rizzo's comedic approach when dealing with his own teammate — the impeccable Ronald Acuña Jr. — while on an Instagram live stream. Of course, he couldn't lengthen "Ronald" into a longer name à la Freddie-Frederick, but the hilariously stern tone had the same effect.

"Ronald, we need your bags so we can leave" and "Ronald, you're late" were two of the sternly worded messages that Freeman dropped in the comments section, among all the other fans who weren't exactly expecting last year's MVP to drop by for the viewing session (h/t Reddit user Hazelarc).

Was Acuña actually late and in jeopardy of missing the road trip or, at the least, holding up his teammates? If he was, I doubt he'd be able to maintain the Instagram live stream without getting bombarded by phone calls from everyone within the Braves organization. After all, are you really going to hit the road for an away series against the division rival Philadelphia Phillies without Acuña, the league leader in home runs and runs scored? It probably wouldn't be the wisest move to do so.

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